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Role Playing Escort

Escort Agency Travel Companion

Escort Agency Travel Companion

Let me summarize what we can do:

  1. Imitate Someone

  2. Represent a new Role

  3. Fake Girlfriend for House Visit

  4. Customized Roles for Pranks

  5. Doctor, Nurse, Student or Others Uniform for Parties



This is not really what a traditional Escort Agency would do, but Social Escort SG engaged with some interesting booking before and we think it would be fun to have more of those.
Client with a broken heart came to us for help, in the verge of losing the relationship with his girlfriend, wanted us to act as his brother’s girlfriend to justify his mistake and hope to win her back.

Another interesting booking from SME Company, requesting our Social Escort to act as their company representative, to entertain their guest during the stay in Singapore, accompany them to casino and act as a girlfriend. The purpose is to create a stronger bond with the company and gaining trust.