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Our Escort Agency focus on recruiting new Escort Model based on their attitude and how they lead their lifestyle, the credential of their abilities. To Social Escort SG, we categorize them by how they present themselves, their looks, figure, and knowledge plus their confidence level. Escort in Singapore can be anyone, maybe student, your co-worker, teacher or even entrepreneur.

Majority of our client are adventurous. They like to date girls of different personality and background while searching for the best fit of their dream girl. Let’s us get to the point, we provide Escorts in SG from every background, races and personality. And of course, they must be beautiful.


For booking please use our 3 step guideline;

Step 1 : Message or Whatsapp us the “Name of Escort”, “Date and Time preferred”
Step 2 : Made a $50 deposit (higher deposit for unverified client)
Step 3 : Appear on the Agreed Location

We look at Singapore girls in these ways:

1) “OL”, Office Ladies or Executive, Sophisticated.
2) Students, Young and Simple.
3) Ah Lian, Behave like a Girl Gangster
4) Uniform Fetishism Type


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Jamie, 22

Dream about having a Poly Student girlfriend?

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Lovelle, 25

Fetish of a Fitness Model?

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Crystal, 22

Want a Hot Date with a Young Student?

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Private Profile

Local Models that prefer to be Discreet

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Valarie, 22

Want someone that can brighten your day with a big smile and fun personality?