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Social Escort Events

Striptease Escort for Events

Striptease Escort for Events

Let me summarize what we can do:

  1. Mingle and Entertain Guest

  2. Building Rapport with VIP

  3. Modelling and Entertain in Cooperate Event

  4. Simply Need More Girls


Many client ask me, “why do we need escorts in a company event?”. We didn’t know there are such demand until our first deal with a MNC, when one of the director ask for our escort to join in their company event which have many overseas VIP.

During our meeting with the director, he says “There are a few groups of VIP coming to Singapore, and we are establishing a big deal with them. We need your girls to act as our employees, gets to know them, entertain them during their stays and put in good words about us. If possible just act interested in them and play girlfriend to gain their trust”.

The deal sound simple, but it’s not. The client need escort that are not only presentable, they must possessed confident, knowledgeable and also familiar with their company background and industry. This deal is definitely time-consuming for us, and interesting at the same time. Social Escort Singapore decided to take on this challenging role, we sent our escort to a couple of training from our client, do some background check on the VIP, allocate targets to our Escort.

Guest what? We honestly has a stress weekend, our Escorts attended the company meeting and mingle with the VIP’s, accompany them to tourist attractions and clubs. Once the task is completed Social Escort SG received a thumps up from our client which made all those work worthwhile.