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Escort Muscle

Social Escort Singapore choose only the best guy as our Male Escort, we look for boy and men with those attributes. Tip top physical condition, confident, great listener, playful and passionate, adventurous, willing to experiment and most importantly know how to make their partner feel sexy.

Having an guy that not only are dashing, but also smart and process great communication skill will made you stand out in the crowd, imaging making your friends envy and jealous? Does if feel great?

Bring our male companion to social outing, dinner, shopping or clubbing. Pamper yourself with their caring touch, relive the moment of joy during a great relationship.


For booking please use our 3 step guideline;

Step 1 : Message or Whatsapp us the “Name of Escort”, “Date and Time preferred”
Step 2 : Made a $50 deposit (higher deposit for unverified client)
Step 3 : Appear on the Agreed Location