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Travel Escort & Asistant

Escort Agency Travel Companion

Escort Agency Travel Companion

Let me summarize what we can do:

  1. Tour Escort in Singapore

  2. Travel Companions

  3. Travel Personal Assistant

  4. Travel Translator with Escort Service



Social Escort SG received many travel request, either traveller coming into Singapore or inviting our Escorts out. Singapore Escort is the first choice for counties around Asia and Europe, one of our first few travel escort booking are a client from Europe travelling to China, looking for assistant for translation and we thought, “if that translator can be a pretty girl that are able to made his trip less bored, why not?”.

Client would rather hire an escort in Singapore even they cost more, than engage an agency in China. Why is that so? Escorts and Models in SG are bilingual with English and Chinese / Malay / Indian. Singapore escort are mostly well mannered, educated and civilized, grown up in a mix of western plus eastern culture. They are going well with most nationality.

Hire an Escort may take care of your business and personal needs during travelling, imaging there is someone taking care of your schedule, making calls and arranging for your meetings. Plan your leisure activities, laundry and lodging, and after a long day, pamper yourself with a relaxing massage by our Social Escort before ending your day.